Brochure Design: A recipe for success

Are you planning to create appealing, informative, and eye-catching brochure design to pump up your sales, or perhaps introduce a new service or product perhaps? That’s a fabulous idea, and you can be sure to get a great response with this marketing savvy move. However, some may question as to why spend so much money to write, design and print brochures when you can always just throw up a post on social media for free? Stay with me just a few minutes and allow me to share why brochures are an essential marketing tool that are proven to drives sales.

Regardless of whether you are a large business or a small one, brochure design is invaluable when it comes to marketing yourself.  A brochure helps make sure your product or service sticks in the mind of your targeted customers, and the design and content can instantly set you apart from your competitors. It highlights your brand’s strengths and capabilities. It also reminds your customer of why they should be doing business with you. Seriously, brochures are an ideal way to reinforce your promotional messages and brand image in the mind of the consumers…and it’s portable!

Here are 5 key elements you shouldn’t overlook for effective brochure design:

AIDA is not your high school girlfriend! It is an important marketing acronym that stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. If you want to make your brochure compelling and engaging enough to really ignite the desire of purchase in your customers, you need to make sure your brochure grabs attention so that the customer reads it instead of tossing it aside.

The content must be interesting enough to encourage readability, and it must encourage a desire in the customers. Ultimately, the brochure design must guide them towards an action, perhaps a subtle buy now, call us, or set up an appointment at the end.

Them Not US
Don’t sell yourself, your brand or your product. Rather, sell the customer an experience of how he/she will feel after experiencing your service or product. Customers are never interested in self-indulgent brand pieces, but rather in improving their lifestyle and adding value to purchases.

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So, make sure your brochure is informative and clear, while still focusing on the benefits your customers will enjoy when they invest in your brand.

Brochure Design: Engaging Emotions

You have two aspects to really engage the emotions of your customers. First are your headlines, which the customer will see instantly upon glancing on your brochure as they retrieve it from their mailbox. The headline will determine if the reader continues or it ends up in the trash.  So, make the headline catchy or mysterious to grab their attention.

The second most important aspect to build up and maintain interest are your colour choices and graphics. Are they fun to look at? Do they invoke some kind of emotion? Will they make your piece stand out from the crowd?

Bullet points
You can use bullets points to highlight all aspects about which you want your customer informed. Readers are always short on time, and bullet points are easy to skim while still communicating your message.

Urge the reader to act
Discounts, free gifts, special offers and a whole assortment of promotional campaigns can help you compel your reader to act and make that purchase. So when you finish off your brochure design, be sure to call them to action in one way or another.  Like…”Call us for a free consultation before the end of the month and receive a free Llama!” Ok, maybe a llama isn’t the BEST idea, but you catch my drift.