Technology, virtual reality, and media fuel the modern world. Direct Mail Advertising has a lot to do with the success and failure of a brand. If you can market yourself, you can sway your consumers, and hence, it is important to make effective and informed marketing decisions.But getting carried away when planning your marketing budget is hardly the solution. After all, you only want to market your product where it will garner most sales, and ultimately, drive your profits. When cornered and ambushed by all such dilemmas, direct mail marketing is the safest road one can travel. On average the United States Postal Service claims that direct mail yields a 112% return on investment (ROI). It has been around for years and years, and people consider it the most effective, time efficient and cost-beneficial marketing strategy. Particularly, when you pair it up with an active social media campaign, this is basically all you need to send out a personalized and engaging campaign to your consumer audience. Today’s stats support the time tested advertising strategy. “91% of all direct mail recipients either read or scan the they get”.

Let’s take a look at some benefits of the old school marketing approach that is Direct Mail Advertising:

Make a Concrete Direct Mail Advertising Campaign

Mailing your campaign reaches your customer’s house and personal space. Now unlike TV, Radio and social media advertisements, mail never gets lost, flooded over or forgotten. Even if it has been forgotten, it can always be spotted later. So basically the point is that, when something is lying around your house, you will read it sooner or later.

Also, you can hang on to the information, dial up the numbers, pass it on to your friends and relatives. What an amazing to way to reinforce word-of-mouth advertising, isn’t it?

Target your Audience

Generic messages are always good, and they bring in a wide range of customers. But sometimes they don’t, and then at other times, generic messages do not even hit hard on the minds of the potential customers.

Now with direct mail, you can specific your target market, and your potential consumer audience. When you really want to narrow down your consumer audience, direct mail is the most effective way.

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Cutting down Expenses

Are you working on a highly cost sensitive marketing budget? Direct marketing is the way to go. Take it from the experts, direct mail is a cost reducing strategy. Not only that, but it allows you to target your key customers, and engaging them in your campaigns. In fact, 18% of B2B marketers’ budget is assigned to direct mail marketing and print advertising.

Personalized Direct Mail Advertising

Direct mail is the most easy and effective way to personalize your advertising campaign. Think about it, when you can personalize and target your key demographics, and pin it down to your key clients, you can draw in impressive profits from your marketing campaign.

Moreover, direct mail allows you to add in a personal touch by including personal information, for instance names, addresses, numbers, which draw in the consumers and build brand loyalty. In such instances, customers learn to look forward to your messages and give them more importance while making purchases from you.

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