Table tents are a stand-up paper product, often in the form of a triangle. You’ve likely seen them at trade shows and restaurants, advertising specials or services. You can use them to list new products, display pricing, highlight different packages, advertise social handles, and display credentials. From advertising upcoming events to providing directions, there are endless possibilities for your marketing strategy.

If you have an audience standing around and some sort of table or counter available, then table tents are the way to go.

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How to Use Table Tents

Companies shouldn’t just inform customers about an attraction, food item product and service. They should sell. Just like any other marketing piece, it’s not enough to say, “Hey, I’m here!” You have to say, “You need to get this now!” Create an enticing offer, coupled with coupon codes or a special password.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and get creative with your table tent marketing! The nice thing about table tents is that they’re hard to ignore. Table tent marketing isn’t limited and can work for almost any application. The entire world of commerce can benefit from properly positioned table tents. For example, a web design firm might want to strategically place a table tent in a coffee shop.

Don’t Overlook These Tents

Table tent marketing is an often-overlooked marketing method. Aside from your dining table at a restaurant, you don’t tend to see them often. This makes them stand out whenever they appear. With the right strategy, you can exploit this powerful niche and instantly boost sales.

Table Tents & Printing

While it’s possible to print table tents at home, a professional print shop is the best option to avoid hassle and get quality results. Home printers can’t provide the same level of detail, because they’re not made for the job. Depending on what printer you have, you might risk the ink running. If you’re printing a decent amount of table tents, you’ll also be using your own ink which can become expensive fast.

At Center City Print, we know paper marketing. We’re equipped with the right printers for any job and can even help with your design. With years of experience in the business, we ensure your table tent design is properly aligned, so it prints just how you need it to look.

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