Let’s Work Together To Do MORE

Our community needs us. Let’s work together so we can all do our part. Below are some
ways we are doing our part, but we are always looking for new ways to help.

Non-Profit Program

Center City Print offers a blanket 10% discount on all online print orders for any eligible non-profit or charity. In addition, the program offers different sponsorship programs exchanging Center City Prints logo placement and web links for free printing credits. Read more on our program here.

Submit Your Event

We are more than just a print shop; we are your community partner. Have your own event you would like us to blast out? Fill out the form here to tell us more!

Paperback Foundation

Paperback Foundation was created to promote positive environmental initiatives in communities across Pennsylvania. This event is the first of many that will bring our communities together while reducing our environmental footprint.

Here For A Reason

Here For a Reason believes that every person has something to give. Every person has unique abilities and skills that allow them to address challenges in a personal and creative way. Addressing the food insecurity issue of Northeastern Pennsylvania is their mission. We pledge to donate 1% from every sale online. Read more on our collaboration here.

Other Donations

We are regularly making monthly donations to local charities and members of our community. We continue to do our best to make a difference in our local communities to be a positive impact.