Create a Memorable Event with Big Donation Checks

You know it’s a special occasion when there’s a giant check involved. Over the years, large checks have become an iconic part of fundraisers and giveaways. Perhaps it’s the size of these novelty checks. They’re huge compared to the ones in your checking book. It could also be what they represent. They create an inherently good feeling for all involved. No matter why you like custom donation checks, one thing is for certain: they’re memorable for both presenters and recipients, celebrating the amount raised in bold letters and numbers. They’re also promotional. How many times have you seen ads or articles with photos of jumbo checks? Not every promotional product can claim it’s made for photo ops, but this one can. Best of all, the extra publicity can raise awareness for the cause and attract more contributions.

Our 4’ x 2’ checks are perfect for many occasions and highly customizable. Choose between two lightweight yet sturdy option: foam board and coroplast.

3 Examples of Giant Check Occasions

Nothing brings on cheers and smiles like a large presentation check. Here are a few ways you might use yours to encourage contributions and advance your cause.

  • Run a Charity Drive at Your Business: Do you run a local business? Consider partnering with a charitable organization and donating a portion of purchases to their cause. Advertise the campaign to attract customers and encourage their support. At the end of the campaign, take a photo with the giant novelty check. Show the contribution in large, bold letters and numbers. Share how your customers and staff helped make it happen, promoting the charity and your company. It’s a win-win for everyone.
  • Encourage the Crowd at Fundraisers: At a fundraiser event, hold up a big blank check. Throughout the evening, encourage contributions so you can hit or exceed your goal. Engage patrons, letting them know their donation will have a genuine impact on the number you write on that check. At the end of the fundraiser, proudly present the check and celebrate with your patrons.
  • Promote Your Giveaway: Big checks are great for promotional giveaways. Surprise a winner at their door with a custom check made out in their name. Take photos of the fun and memorable experience to use in future advertising. For example, you can create a video of winners over the years or get the photo in local papers.

Foam Board vs Coroplast

You know you need a big presentation check but aren’t sure what material to use. After all, you don’t run a print shop. That’s where Center City Print can help. We’ll break it down to help you choose the best material for your application.

Foam Board: Foam board, also known as foam core, is a lightweight and economical material. It’s made by placing foam between two sheets of paper. Because the top and back are paper, it isn’t great against outdoor elements like rain and snow. For this reason, it’s recommended for indoor presentations.

Coroplast: This material is lightweight and more durable than foam core. While not designed for heavy repeated outdoor use, it’s a great choice for temporary outdoor presentations. Although it’s more expensive than foam board, it’s still an economical option overall.

Can’t decide? Talk with our team today at your nearest location in Scranton, PA, or Kingston, PA. We’re happy to review your options to ensure you get the type of check that works best for your event.

Big Check Design

Donation checks are highly customizable. Upload your design on our website, or save time and have us create a custom design for you. Here are the many ways you can create the perfect check.

  • Choose Your Background: Go with white or a full color scene. Your check background can be anything.
  • Add Relevant Graphics: What graphics are iconic for your cause? Add a mascot or symbols for your organization.
  • Include Your Logo: Place your logo and/or the charity logo on the check.
  • Customize Name Fields: Do you want a blank check or printed one? Include the name and amount or leave those fields blank to fill in with marker later.

Looking for more ways to promote your future fundraiser? We offer a variety of print products to help drive results. Ask about our flyers, postcards, door hangers, and other offerings. Are you part of a non-profit organization? We can assist with your direct mail marketing campaign through USPS. Learn more about nonprofit mail application rates.

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