Rack Cards are an easy way for your business or organization to get noticed. Typically, rack cards are printed on a card stock material and placed in locations with a significant amount of foot traffic. You might display rack cards at hotels, restaurants, and travel agencies. In addition, you can place them inside your own business where you can encourage your customers to share them with friends.

As you already know from the name, you display these 4×9 cards on a rack or postcard carousel near check-out stands or store corners. As your card will sit near dozens (or possibly hundreds) of other cards from competing companies, getting people to pick up and read your card will be your greatest challenge.

Center City Print takes care of the greater Scranton and Wilkes Barre rack card needs. So whether you’re advertising with rack cards in Moosic, PA, at a hotel or at a travel agency in West Pittston, PA, you can count on help from a friendly team at a local print shop.

Size: 4×9

High-quality, full-color offset and digital printing available on multiple premium paper stocks and in 4″ x 9″. Several coating options are also available.

Rack Card Design Tips

If you want your card to stand out in the crowd, choose colors, images, and text that grab attention. High-resolution graphics most often draw people in, but your headline or slogan will keep them reading. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Include Photos

As you assemble possible photos for your rack card, pay attention to their placement. If you’re displaying your cards in a popular area with other businesses, the full design might not be visible. In some cases, only one third or one fourth of your card may show. The rest might be partially hidden behind other rack cards. When you choose your photos and decide where you want to place them, keep this in mind.

Highlight Products & Services

In addition, you’ll want to promote your business in an attractive way. Place your most engaging concepts near the top and minor details near the bottom. Try not to overwhelm your audience with too much text or too many photos. Instead, highlight your offerings and use calls to action. When designing your rack card, give special attention to the headline. A good headline can attract attention and make a big difference in how many people pick up your card. Of course, you also need to make sure your contact information is present. Whether you’re advertising locally with rack cards in Clarks Summit, PA, at a trade show, or out of state in a big city, you need to give potential leads a way to contact you. Include your business name, address, phone number, and website to help prospects engage with you later.

Utilize Both Sides

Don’t forget to place images and information on both sides of your rack card! The top of the backside needs to hold its own in case someone places the cards in backwards. A blank side can’t provide your company with any favors. In fact, having two sides for advertisements is one reason some business owners choose rack cards over tri-fold brochures. Unlike a standard brochure, you only have two sides to worry about. This can add up to savings in your advertising budget.

Rack Card Design Services

Looking for assistance with your rack card design? No problem! At Center City Print in Scranton, PA, and Kingston, PA, we offer rack card design services. Request a design during checkout online or call your nearest location for more information. We have years of experience to assist with all your print and design needs, from promotional business cards to trade show banners and everything in-between.

Gloss vs Matte Rack Cards

You’ve decided to advertise with rack cards but aren’t sure which type to choose. A fine dilemma but not an impossible one. Both options have their pros and can serve you well. Here’s how to choose the best type of rack card for your purpose.

Matte Cards: If you’re putting your cards in a brightly lit area, matte paper might be the better option. While matte paper lacks the sheen and shine of gloss, it doesn’t have the same trouble with glare as its shiny cousin. Matte cards also have an advantage when it comes to readability. All that sparkle on gloss cards makes text harder to read compared to matte rack cards. So, if you have a decent amount of text or plan on advertising somewhere well lit, consider the matte option.

Gloss Cards: There’s no questioning the brilliant allure of gloss paper. If your rack card design uses a lot of photos and colors, consider choosing gloss as your option. This is because gloss paper provides higher contrast, making it a great choice for full color photos and images. In certain lighting, your gloss cards may show glare. If you know where your cards will be positioned, however, you can choose an optimal spot to reduce the amount of angles that show glare.

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