Stand Out with Folded Business Cards

At the end of the day, you need to attract clients to stay in business. Whether you advertise online or through traditional channels, you need a good return on your investment. If standard business cards aren’t exciting enough for you or your prospects, consider wowing the crowd with custom, folded business cards.

Folded cards are a step up from their two-sided cousins. They offer more room to promote your services, in addition to catching attention.

Four Reasons To Go With The Fold

  1. Stand Out in a Crowd: Business cards are nothing new. Every trade show you go to will have them, as will many local and national stores. You want any card that bears your logo to grab attention, but that can be tough when your prospects already have a handful of cards on them. That’s where the power of the fold comes into play. Simply put, it’s different. By virtue of having a little something extra, your card can grab attention and give you an opportunity to make your message heard.
  2. Encourage Interaction: Flip a regular business card over and you’re done. Many companies only print on one side, so there’s only one chance to impress prospects. Cards with folds are different. Potential customers need to interact with the card to read the message. This means it’s in their hands longer, giving you more time to make your mark. This interaction, caused by a simple fold, can make your company memorable.
  3. Impress Clients: We all like to feel important. Whether you’re handing out folded business cards in Clarks Summit, PA, or at a trade show in another country, you want to make the best impression. If any segment of your audience is status-conscious, folded business cards can help you make the right introduction. For some leads, this might be the first test to pass if you want to seal the deal.  You’re worth their business. Show them within the folds.
  4. Give More Information: Sometimes you want to share more information about your company than a standard card can fit. Folded panels give you more room to say what you need. You can list your services, include a coupon, or add photos. There are many ways to design a card that looks great and represents your business in a good light.

Print & Design Services for Luzerne & Lackawanna County

You’ve thought it over, and you’re convinced that folded business cards are right for your company. Now you need a way to print them (and maybe design them). That’s when you should call Center City Print in Kingston, PA and Scranton, PA. We’re ready to serve all your custom printing needs. From Dunmore, PA and Avoca, PA to West Pittston, PA, and Dallas, PA, you can count on us for high quality, printed products.

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