Make an Impression with Oval Sticker Sheets

Imagery is powerful, because it creates emotions and presents complex ideas quicker than the written word. This is why “A picture is worth a thousand words.” It’s also why business owners invest time and money in logos, associating their brand with an idea or feeling. In advertising, imagery is the domain of the custom sticker. If you’re here, chances are good you have a design that fits an oval shape. In that case, oval sticker sheets are a great way to get your imagery into the world.

Promote your store, charity, or one-of-a-kind event. With stickers, the possibilities are limitless.

About Oval Sticker Sheets

At Center Cit Print, we offer full-color offset printing and digital sticker printing. All stickers come with your choice of glossy or matte paper. In addition, we offer stickers on 60 lb. Gloss Coated Crack, coupled with Peel Label with UV.

Many sizes are available. Indoor use only.

Advertising that Sticks

When you need advertising that lasts long, stickers are a great marketing tool. In addition, they foster good will in customers. For example, you might hand them out as freebies at a trade show or with a big purchase. In this way, stickers are an extra perk that delights. Another great use for them is sales. Organizers of non-profit events might sell stickers as affordable memorabilia, supporting a good cause.

The great thing about oval stickers, and stickers of any shape, is how they don’t feel like advertising. Customers appreciate how they look, and friends view business stickers as unspoken, personal endorsements. In today’s world, good reviews are instrumental for any company. Stickers help you achieve them in a different way.

Engage Your Customers

Oval sticker sheets are a form of interactive advertising. As such, your customer must engage with your sticker in several ways. First by receiving it, which can create a positive experience toward your brand. Second, by evaluating it. If customers like the sticker design and your products, they are more likely to display the sticker. Third, by choosing where to place it, and forth by successfully placing it.

What makes stickers great is their potential. Your customer may place it somewhere with high visibility, like the back of a laptop, water bottle, notebook, or other object where friends, family, and anyone walking by may see it. Personalized stickers can attract interest for years to come.

Get Started with the Team at Center City Print

If you’re looking for custom oval sticker sheets, Center City Print has you covered. We specialize in print products. From weddings to annual events to advertising through bookmarks, notepads, and even custom t-shirts, there’s a lot we can do for you.

In addition to oval sticker sheets, we offer:

All printing equipment is state-of-the-art, engineered to deliver vivid, beautiful results every time. Design assistance is available.

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