Yard signs can be a highly effective customer acquisition tool, if done correctly. Take your outdoor advertising to the next level for effective yard sign marketing. Do you have a long list of products or services that your company offers? Pick one — maybe it’s your favorite, the most popular, the newest, the one you are planning to promote at that time, etc. — and have that be the one you call out on your yard sign. Once someone arrives at your store, you can tell them about your additional products and services. Remember, the purpose of marketing is to get potential customers in the door.

Build Your Brand & Combine Marketing Methods

Perhaps the biggest impact of yard signs is brand recognition. Having a sign that says “Roofing Service Call 1 (800)-800-1800” is fine and dandy, but it doesn’t have something recognizable in case someone decides to call later. When you have your logo and color scheme tied in with a targeted direct mail campaign, you have a better chance of being remembered and called later on.

In the digital world, you can “follow” your prospective customers online through ads. You can’t physically follow prospects around offline (at least not without getting the police called or scaring them off), but you can target them in multiple ways. Say you have a yard sign in Dunmore, PA. Perhaps a prospect sees it on their way to work each morning. Two days later, they might get a promotional postcard or business brochure in the mail. This can imprint your company in their mind.

Lawn Signs by Occasion

  • Political Yard Signs: If you’re a campaign organizer who would like to promote your candidate or show solidarity between supporters, contact team at Center City Print. You can hand out signs at rallies and events. In addition, you can put them at locations throughout your county with the proper permissions.
  • Business Yard Signs: You can use single-sided or double-sided lawn signs for advertising outdoors. Promote your product or service and brand. Get permission to install your lawn signs in strategic areas where there’s a lot of foot traffic or cars often stop at a red light or sign.
  • Custom Yard Signs: Need lawn signs for a special event or other occasion? Upload your design or tell us your ideas and we’ll design and print signs that fit your application.

Sign Sizes & Minimum Amounts

Size: 18 x 24 (10 min) | 24 x 36 (5 min)

Why Choose Center City Print?

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