Custom Folders Increase the Odds of New Business

When you are working on presentation folders for your potential clients, it’s important to be meticulous, focusing on every single detail. This is your way of showing your customers that you value your work together presenting something truly professional with a custom folder.

It is important to highlight your level of professionalism, as this is the most efficient way of reflecting the quality of your work. Your clients need to see you are willing to go the extra mile for them, and if you display that much attention to detail in what you present to them, it psychologically suggests that you would do the same for them.

This is especially important if you are the owner of a small business establishing your reputation as a talented professional. When sharing information with your clients about yourself and your work, even the slightest detail matters and custom folders make a difference!

Designing Custom Folders

Choose a neat and appropriate design that reflects the quality and uniqueness of your business. Place your logo and any other distinctive marks about your company, with the help of a professional if need be. Pay attention to details, this is your way of showing your potential client the level of your professionalism and sincerity.

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Attention to Content

After designing the look and feel,  you are ready to get down to the details…content is king (as they say). Unless you instantly capture the attention of the reader, chances are that your presentation will not even be read. So you need to get creative and engaging.

Include everything that will be of interest to the customer and try to keep it clear and short. Everything needs to be organized and easy to read; otherwise, you will not get the desired outcome. Another thing that is worth considering is the addition of a personalized cover letter.

Reviewing Custom Folder Contents

It should go without saying, but be extra careful when it comes to typos and other mistakes and be sure to review all documents thoroughly and multiple times. After you’ve gone through spell check it is time to evaluate the content and presentation as a whole. Review the quality of the slides and the effectiveness of your overall design.

Only when you have completed everything in detail, and you have double checked your work can you send it over to the customer. As a result, you will be sure that custom folders (and the contents that lie within) is going to make a difference and hopefully have a big impact on your customer (and your company).