As you are planning your next eddm postcard direct mailer, consider how simple the Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)Program has made direct mail for businesses all over the country! For many companies, the more that they mail eddm postcards, the easier it becomes. Continuously gauging the response on your offers makes the decision process easier as well. When you receive calls on a certain offer frequently that means that that offer is your most effective call to action in your eddm postcard campaign. When customers see an offer that they can’t refuse and take advantage of, they will immediately act on so that they don’t miss out on a valuable deal.

The eddm postcard makes it easy to direct mail to customers and businesses. There isn’t a simpler formula for success with this program. When you present information with a great value, adding in a dazzling design, and distributing to all your prospective customers, your mail piece will not be missed. Want your mail piece to attract the eyes of your customer? It has to be able to stand up against all the other mail that day. Considering the size requirements, the bigger the mailed postcard or flyer, the more you force your recipients to see your mailer. When a person opens their mailbox and sees a giant postcard or flyer, they won’t be able to miss your eddm postcards.

With the EDDM Program, the simple formula can always be edited. For different companies, there are different variables that affect the effectiveness of your eddm postcard mailing campaign. Of course an exact response rate is never accurate. Factor in the different aspects that can affect your mailing campaign. For every industry it is different! This way, you can refine your mailing to attract just the right people at the right time to gain the best response.

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