Mailed postcards…really?

You must be thinking, why should I send mailed postcards to all my customers? I have cleverly covered all the social media destinations and the leading newspapers so why focus on postcard marketing?

Fair enough, it seems like you have covered the basics. But how many relationships have you built? How many people actually saw your message and acted on it? Do you know the level of your brand loyalty, and are your sales flourishing from these efforts?

Postcard Marketing is Cost-Effective and Powerful!

For decades, mailed postcards have served as the most remarkable tools for marketing and promotion. Despite the overwhelming influence of the virtual world with social media sites and online interactions, companies and organizations all over the world still widely employ the use of postcard marketing to communicate with their audience.

Postcards are the most impressive way to engage in direct-mail marketing. It’s a cost effective way to showcase your business with style! If you really want to influence your customers and build up your brand, send them something they can connect with, without them having to pay for it. That’s precisely where postcard marketing with a targeted ad message just for them steps in to create that brand loyalty and the bond that consumers share with their most-trusted brands.

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Like Guarantees?

Unlike long emails, newsletters and other marketing tools that can be deleted before they’re even looked at, postcards are brief, personal and 100% guaranteed to be looked at! No one minds taking a look at something short and concise. To make a bigger impact, make sure to keep your message clear and simple being sure to include some call to action. This provokes contemplation and that is precisely what you want postcard marketing to do! They build a connection between your brand and them right in their own home or office.

Customers, even in this age of technology, love receiving something tangible in the mail. The online user can often times be impatient as they quickly scroll through mounds of information. You are more likely than not to pick up an attractive flyer if you have the chance and are sitting down!

Hey…We Can Be fun Too, Really!

Also, postcards allow you build up that personal and emotional bond with your customers by showing them a friendlier, funnier and more indulgent side of your brand. Personalizing is so much fun with postcard marketing, there are no limits to creativity. You can get creative with the imagery and content, personalizing it to your audience (specific targeted demographic).

You know what’s even more amazing about postcards? Try using them to help build up your social media audience by pointing them to more info, discounts, or contests. Try to remember that a “little” can go a long way, so…find some way to reward your customers for hoarding your postcards and being loyal to your brand.

At Center City Print, we are going to help you design stellar and worth-sending postcards that will attract your customers at a fraction of the cost of most marketing efforts! Let us partner with you and “send a little love” to a mailbox near you.