Business Promotion

Are you holding a business convention, a product launch, an entertainment event? Or perhaps, you’re launching another outlet of your brand? Well, marketing and promotion are essential in order to attract new and existing customers and create the hype for the success your event needs. If you’re not shouting from the rooftops that something amazing is happening, then when it comes time do draw the curtain you’ll be looking at an empty room.

You send out invitation cards to a wedding or call up your dinner guests to invite them over, right? You also need to send out invitations to your audience to entice them to attend your event. One of the most important things while planning is to create marketing collateral.

Now, what is marketing collateral in the first place? Marketing collateral refers to the media that we employ in order to promote or advertise the sale of any product. Collateral like brochuresbannersdisplays, backdrops, websites,business cardssigns, email campaigns, and of course social media.

So, now that we’re clear about marketing collateral, it’s critical that you create a sound, targeted, and attractive strategy to use the most effective promotion tools to advertise your brand. Think about each element and how many people you will “touch” with that method.  Is the message clear and powerful? Does it create curiosity or excitement? Will it cause people to act? Display planning, (flags, banners, literature stands, backdrops and 3D trade show displays)is not something to take lightly. It is an art, and often times the first introduction of your brand or event to a potential client. It is the art of creating an attractive promotional piece that will cause someone to interact with your brand. Their ability to reach a massive audience at a very moderate price is what makes them great!

Are you not sure what is the
best advertising option for your business?

Let us help!

Here are some truly affordable ways to promote professionally and attractively:

Send out invitations

Have you ever received invitations to fancy wine samplings, restaurant openings, or exhibitions? Oh wait, how about this one…have you ever received an invitation to a Starbucks sample tasting? Well, it’s a lot of fun and you get free forks! It adds an element of personal connection with the brand making you feel welcome when you visit their outlet or shop. Isn’t that the effect you want to create as you invite people to attend your event? Send out invitations, and if you can go the extra mile, write out the names and get more personal with your customers.

Flags and banners

Be it a huge vinyl banner across the street, or just a flag hanging low near your building, it is going be noticed from afar. Every time people pass by, it will catch their eye and communicate a very targeted message to them. If they’re anything like me whenever I see an IKEA sign or a banner announcing a music festival, they will be able to feel that rush of excitement and anticipation. If you’re planning a public affair, this is your most durable, economical, and best choice for letting everyone know.