It’s hard to believe we’re midway through November, with less than 2 months remaining in the year. As December draws closer also draws us closer to the mailing industry’s busiest time of the year. For the 2019 fiscal year, the United States Postal Service projects it will send 15 billion pieces of mail between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Will your business contribute to that number by sending holiday cards to customers?

Should Businesses Still Send Holiday Cards to Customers?

In the age of email, more business owners are wondering if holiday greeting cards are worth the money. They have a certain charm, but so does grandma’s homemade sweater with the hearts. Are there benefits to thanking customers and wishing them well this way?

While seasonal cards aren’t likely to make or break your business, they do have merit and are worth considering. They can help you build loyalty, stand out against the competition, and get your name out to more people.

Before You Get Started, Choose Your Audience

There’s no need to send seasonal greeting cards to every customer who bought something this year (sorry, kid who used the gumball machine once). Try to narrow your audience so you can personalize your message. Here are some groups to consider:

  • Loyal & frequent customers
  • Large purchase customers
  • Business partners
  • Employees

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Why Send Seasonal Cards to Clients?

For this example, let’s consider the perks of sending holiday cards to customers who are frequent shoppers. Imagine the audience is your most valued clients. When you show your thanks and wish good tidings to this group, you might:

1. Create Delight

A seasonal greeting card can elicit a joy from your customer and make them feel valuable. That’s important, because emotions play a key role in decision making. It’s why businesses engage in Joy Marketing  as a way to connect with customers and build loyalty. In other words, holiday greetings can forge a connection between your business and a good feeling. After all, your recipients know you don’t need to spend money on cards. Your choice to do so is a gesture they’re likely to appreciate.

2. Stand Out Against the Competition

When was the last time you received a seasonal card in the mail from a business? You may get a few cards each year, but it’s not a common experience. Greeting cards are an opportunity to stand out against competitors who are staying online or not sending cards at all.  If you’re looking for even more ways to stand out, try sending a card during a holiday where it’s not traditional to receive one. For example, when was the last time you sent a Halloween card or Thanksgiving card to customers?

Don’t forget the design. If you want to thank your customers and stand out, having a distinct design is a must. Everyone knows the traditional imagery for the winter. Instead of sugar cookies, explore ways to spice up your card with bold and eye-catching designs. Include a personalized note to show your appreciation.

3. Create an Opportunity to Get More Eyes on Your Business

While it’s no guarantee, it’s possible your seasonal greeting cards will attract more attention than your recipient alone. If your customer displays the card when friends and family visit, your company might get more recognition. Of course, if Mrs. Gerald’s friends are her five cats, you’re out of luck, but you never know.

Get Your Holiday Cards Ready Early

Make sure to plan ahead, so your cards arrive on time. The mailing industry gets busy around the end of November and December, so it’s best to organize your efforts accordingly. At Center City Print, we’re available for greeting card design and print services. If you’re getting into the festivities this year with custom printed goods, we’re ready to help, from greeting cards to postcards, bookmarks, catalog booklets, t-shirts, and everything in-between.